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David Smith

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Top 3 Dangers of Discounting

Every good horror movie has its signature music that tells you something bad is about to happen. The music starts with a slow ominous rhythm, and then builds to a climax that announces the arrival of the monster or killer. JAWS. Halloween. Psycho. You can probably hear those unforgettable notes as you read this. Businesses do the same thing with their marketing strategies. Things like “loss leaders” are intended to create a sense of urgency and boost sales. But like any horror movie, there are always dangers lurking in the shadows when a business discounts its products or services. Just

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Gas Prices Got You Down? Don’t Make This Mistake

How much is your time worth? With how much gas prices have risen, along with most everything else, it is incredible what some people feel compelled to do to save money. True story: Just a few miles from where I live, an enterprising gas station owner decided to slash the price at the pump by $2.50 a gallon for two hours in the middle of the day, starting at 11am. Naturally, the line of cars stretched around the block, through the neighborhood, and then some. The scene at 10:30 was absolutely bonkers, which is when this picture was taken. Of

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